• South Dakota's Premiere Security Event

    All in the Middle of a Cornfield

  • DakotaCon 2017

    March 31–April 22017Madison, South Dakota


Three Days of Security!

March - April 2017, Madison

Join us for three full days of talks and trainings from the finest peeps in the security world! Come enjoy the benefits of a small conference where you won't get lost in the crowd and you get time to interact directly with the speakers and your security peers. Attending the talks on Friday is FREE, so you have no excuse!

Bring your friends and co-workers for an epic weekend of security fun at Dakota State University!

The Vision

Come listen to the visions and ideas of some of the best and brightest minds in the security community.


After the talks, network with your peers and the security pros.


Learn from the best with a two day hands-on training. These trainings are of a DefCon caliber, right here in Madison!


Learn From These Great Folks


Track I

Track I will be held in the theater at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse on the campus of Dakota State University. No need to register, just come on out for the talks!

John Strand Let's Go Hunting!

egypt Open Source, Security, And Open Source Security

Joe Grand Sneaky Circuits

Bill Voecks Deploying PAWs as Part of a Strategy to Limit Credential Theft and Lateral Movement

Deviant Ollam I'll Let Myself In: Tactics of Physical Pen Testers

Track II

Track II will be held in the conference room at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse on the campus of Dakota State University. No need to register, just come on out for the talks!

Devon Greene RTF Abuse: Exploitation, Evasion and Countermeasures

Tommy Morris Virtualization of Industrial Control System Testbeds for Cybersecurity

Dave Au I Got This Hacking Degree from DSU...Now What?

Mike Iedema IoT: The Internet of not-really-so-secure Things

Daniel Crowley Practical Crypto Attacks for the Math-Phobic


The trainings will run the final two days of the conference, April 2 - April 3. The trainings are held in East Hall on the campus of Dakota State University. Be sure to register for the trainings!


DakotaCon Video Archive

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2016 - Track I
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DakotaCon 2017 Live Stream

Track I
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Track II
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NC CCDC Video Archive

We will be live streaming this year's event, check back later for the stream.
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2016 - NC CCDC

NC CCDC Live Stream

DakotaCon 2017 Video Archive

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2017 - Track I
2017 - Track II

NC CCDC Video Archive

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Come learn from the best folks in the industry! Register Today!
Trainings will be held in East Hall on the campus of Dakota State University, beginning at 11:30AM on April 1, and continue at 9:00AM on April 2.

  • An Introduction to Malware Analysis and Vulnerability Research

    Devon Greene

    Register Today!

    In this fast paced, hands-on course -- students are able to quickly develop the skills they need to succeed in analyzing malicious software that is presented in many forms including: web pages, office documents, pdfs, and executables. After analyzing and reversing malware, students are then walked through a Machine Learning lab where they build their own static analysis platform!

    To compliment the skillsets learned, the course transitions in Day 2 to the vulnerability discovery process. This is accomplished through learning how to fuzz different targets on both Windows and Unix systems. After learning how to fuzz file parsers, networked services, web services and other popular targets. Students will then learn tips and tricks for analyzing the crashes, and identifying vulnerabilities.

    The first 20 students that enroll will be provided their own external SSD with multiple VMs and physical copies of books for future practice. Don't worry if you're not one of the first 20, you'll still get VMs.

  • Hardware Hacking

    Joe Grand

    Register Today!

    Grand Idea Studio’s Hardware Hacking Training, taught exclusively by Joe Grand, focuses on hardware hacking and reverse engineering techniques commonly used against electronic products and embedded systems. This two-day course is a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises, culminating with a hardware hacking challenge in which students attempt to defeat the security of a custom circuit board.

    During the course, the student will:
    Understand the hardware hacking process and mindset
    Learn the skills needed to successfully analyze, reverse engineer, modify, and attack electronic products
    Apply real world techniques to defeat the security of a custom circuit board

    Course Materials
    Students will use the following materials and equipment:
    Hardware hacking tools, including a soldering iron, multimeter, logic analyzer, and device programmer
    Grand Idea Studio’s custom training circuit board
    Course lecture slides and hardware hacking/embedded security reference material

  • Safe-Manipulation Attacks

    Deviant Ollam

    Register Today!

    In the past, Deviant Ollam and others from his crew at The CORE Group have offered many Physical Penetration trainings. However, once you’re inside your target… how do you go about gaining access to the secured spaces found within? This training focuses on a topic that many people fear is beyond them: manipulating and exploiting safes.

    Thought by many to be a skill out of reach, this course will give you a solid foundation in the practical means and methods of opening up the containers in our world meant to be the most secure. In a single day, you, too, can understand the fundamentals of safe-cracking.

    In addition to learning mechanical manipulation, students in this course will learn about electronic attack tools as well as electronic safe dials. As a GSA Certified Safe and Vault Technician and Inspector, Deviant will give you the skinny on the history of electro-mechanical safe dials used by the government for classified materials and SCIFs. We'll even get to go hands-on with these most sophisticated of safe locks... perhaps that's something you might want to use for your own document and information storage at your facility, come learn how they work!

North Central CCDC

CCDC is a two day Network Security event. This is the first competition that specifically focuses on the operational aspect of managing, securing, and defending a "commercial" network infrastructure. Students get a chance to test their knowledge by building, protecting, and maintaining a realistic network and operations environment. Participating teams will be required to demonstrate their ability to withstand and defend against real-time network security attacks.

The winning team recieves an all expense paid trip to the national competition in San Antonio, Texas!

CCDC provides a unique opportunity for students to gain realistic defensive network security skills that closely simulate the operational challenges they will face as they enter the job market.

Teams are encouraged (but not required) to bring a Team Advisor. Advisors are not allowed to participate in the competition.

Information about Teams

  • Teams are accepted on a first-come-first serve basis
  • Each team can consist of up to eight students
  • ONLY 2 of the 8 members can be graduate students
  • $0 Entry Fee Per Team

What to Bring?

  • Friday Supper will be provided, Saturday breakfast will be provided
  • Teams are asked to bring their own laptops/desktop computers and monitors
  • You MUST have Administrator rights to the machine
  • Windows 7/8 are the "official" supported operating systems (but MacOS/Linux typically work too)
  • If your team is unable to bring your own machines, we will supply the needed hardware for you
  • You MUST inform us of this by February 20th!

Dates: March 31 - April 1
CCDC will begin at 3:00PM on March 31, and continue the morning of April 1, finishing before the trainings begin.

DakotaCon Attendees: feel free to stop by Friday or Saturday and check out CCDC. You're also welcome to attend the reception following CCDC on Saturday at The Pub House in Madison!

High Schoolers: See what life at DSU is like! Check out DakotaCon, stop by and see the CCDC teams from around the region compete on Saturday. Stop by The Pub House's on Saturday night and hang out with DakotaCon speakers, CCDC teams, and other great peeps!

Contact Info: For further details, to register a team, or request any other information contact the project lead:
Kyle Cronin


The 2017 DakotaCon CTF will be a traditional "jeopardy style" CTF, held online over the duration of the conference. The CTF will be available at https://ctf.dakotacon.org/ from Friday, March 31st at 8:00 AM through Friday, April 7th at 11:59 PM. Topics will include programming, RF, binary and web exploitation, reverse engineering, and a few miscellaneous others. Most challenges will be solvable over the web, while a few may include real world components only available at DakotaCon.

Anyone is welcome to compete, but only those physically present at DakotaCon will be eligible for prizes. Participants may compete as individuals or as a group; however, prizes will not necessarily be available to each member of a group. There is no entry fee.

Some things that participants may find useful during the competition:
  • A disassembly tool such as IDA Pro, Hopper, radare2, or even just objdump.
  • A Linux environment with a network connection and administrative privileges.
  • A software defined radio, or basic amateur radio.
  • H4ck1ng skillz :)

The only specifically prohibited activities which will result in disqualification are:
  • Denial of service of any kind. Any activity that results in other participants not being able to complete any challenge is not allowed.
  • Attacks against the scoring engine or CTF webpage itself. All challenges are hosted on a separate IP address. Do not attack anything you are not authorized to.
  • Attacks against other players. Just don't.
Other than that, go wild! We encourage innovative problem solving and will likely allow any solution that does not violate the rules above. The CTF administrators will be the final arbiters of any decision in the event of a dispute.

For questions and issues regarding the CTF website or your account, please contact alex.gartner@dsu.edu.


Conference Will Be Held At

Dakota State University

Dakota Prairie Playhouse

Getting Here

Air Travel

The nearest airport is Sioux Falls, SD (FSD). Then a 45 mile drive to Madison.

By Car

From points East or West, take SD-34. North or south, take US-81. If in doubt, GPS!


1205 N. Washington
Madison, SD 57042

Hotels Nearby


504 10th St. SE, Madison, SD 57042
Phone: (605) 256-3076


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