DakotaCon has been canceled for March 2021 due to COVID-19 concerns.
Join us on March 25 - 27, 2022

  • DakotaCon 10.1

    March 25–March 272022Madison, South Dakota

  • South Dakota's Premier Security Event

    All in the Middle of a Cornfield


Three Days of Security!

March - March 2022, Madison South Dakota

Join us for three full days of talks and trainings from the finest peeps in the security world! Come enjoy the benefits of a small conference where you won't get lost in the crowd and you get time to interact directly with the speakers and your security peers. Attending the talks on Friday is FREE, so you have no excuse!

Bring your friends and co-workers for an epic weekend of security fun at Dakota State University!

Please Note: Information below is from a past DakotaCon. New Speakers and Trainings will be updated closer to the next DakotaCon in 2022.

The Vision

Come listen to the visions and ideas of some of the best and brightest minds in the security community.


After the talks, network with your peers and the security pros.


Learn from the best with a two day hands-on training. These trainings are of a DefCon caliber, right here in Madison!


Learn From These Great Folks


Track I

Track I will be held in the theater at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse on the campus of Dakota State University. No need to register, just come on out for the talks!

Cyber Conquest will begin in the evening in the conference room at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse, and continue into Day 2.

Jared DeMott How Not to Get Hacked

Mike Saunders Assumed Breach: A Better Model for Pen Testing

Michael Jenks A Study in Blue: An Introduction to SOC Investigations

Michael Jenks Heart of the Hacker: What I learned about the community giving back when I started at the DerbyCon Finish Line

John Bonar RMF, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the NIST 800 Series!

Buzz Hillestad TBD

David Ellison AI: Introduction, Use Cases, and Trends

Eric Smith TBD

Dave Kennedy TBD

Track II

Track II will be held in the conference center at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse on the campus of Dakota State University. No need to register, just come on out for the talks!

Cyber Conquest will begin in the evening in the conference room at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse, and continue into Day 2.

Kyle Suero Creating an Automated, Scalable, and Enterprise Ready Application Security Testing Infrastructure

Evan Bolt An Extrovert in an Introvert's Field

Josh Klosterman Mitigating Network-Based attacks using MUD

Harshit Agrawal RF Exploitation: Demystifying Software Defined Radio Attacks

Michael Iedema Blockchain Security: Attacks and Mitigation

Corben Leo Hacking Fortune 500 Companies (legally)

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We will be live streaming this year's event, check back later for the stream.
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Come learn from the best folks in the industry!
Trainings will be held on the campus of Dakota State University, beginning in the morning of March 28, and continue on March 29.

  • Practical Intro to Embedded Attack & Defense

    Imperium Security

    Register Today!

    Every developer makes mistakes. If you are unlucky, these mistakes result in a security vulnerability, an almost untraceable bug for the normal developer. Going around the world performing security reviews for the code of embedded and IoT developers I learned the different conceptions that lead developers to create vulnerabilities. This is what made me a better researcher and a better developer, and what I hope to teach you.

    In this course you will get the practical basics of embedded devices security from the beginning: How vulnerabilities are created and how an attacker approaches a new device. From the internals, - physical manipulations, buffer overflows, memory corruptions, timing attacks, all the way to the skill: How to detect such mistakes, even the uncommon ones. Than you can decide: Should you fix it? Or exploit it? Every lecture is followed by hands-on lab exercises where you will practice vulnerability research, exploitation and mitigation.

    Day 1

    Introduction to Cyber Security:
    - What are vulnerabilities
    - Famous IoT attacks
    - Vulnerabilities types and classification
    - The mind of an attacker

    Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities
    - Complied programs memory layout
    - Buffer overflows + Lab
    - Format string attacks + Lab
    - Integer overflows + Lab
    - Command Injections + Lab
    - Daily Summary

    Day 2

    Cryptographic Security Mechanisms and Their Risks
    - Hashes + Lab
    - Encryption + Lab
    - Signatures
    - Password Breaking Lab

    Embedded Devices Attacks
    - TOCTOU Attacks + Lab
    - SPI Intrusion + Lab
    - Memory Swaps + Lab
    - Glitching + Lab

    Final Exercise - Hacking a Secure Boot System

  • Red Team Tactics for Red and Blue

    TrustedSec, LLC

    Register Today!

    This course is completely hands-on, focusing on attack techniques and touching on the indicators of compromise to identify the attacks. This workshop is intended to give you an understanding on how adversarial tools and tactics are being used by attackers. We’ll share with you the tools you need to refine your defensive controls for an attack, regardless of the initial vector. We’ll discuss all of the latest penetration testing methods, as well as unreleased methods for identifying these attacks.

    Day 1

    Introduction to Linux
    Drive-by Attacks (Initial Access)
    Weak Credential Brute-Force & Password Recovery
    Getting Your First Shell
    Getting Credentials with Mimikatz
    Get Domain Information
    Brute-Force Attacks

    Day 2

    Password Cracking
    Lateral Movement
    Getting Domain Admin
    Command Obfuscation
    Final Lab

  • Digital Forensics for Incident Response

    SBS CyberSecurity

    Register Today!

    You have an incident response policy and you’ve created your plan but who on your team is qualified to actually detect and respond to incidents on your network? How about evil insider incidents that might involve a court case? DFIR from SBS CyberSecurity LLC is the place to start! In this course, we will introduce you to all the tools to get the DFIR job done and go through situations and labs that will help you understand when to use what tool and how.

    Day 1:

    DFIR Definitions and Procedures
    Necessary Tools and Skills
    Incident Response Preparation
    Data Acquisition Hard Drive and RAM

    Day 2:

    Digital Forensics: Windows, Email, and Web
    Malware Analysis
    Network Forensics
    Incident Case Studies

    Students will need a powerful laptop with plenty of space 500GB storage
    Windows 10 preferred, Windows required
    (ability to install software on that laptop)
    2 TB USB connectable drive for data acquisition
    16 GB additional USB drive for Kali Live

Cyber Conquest

Cyber Conquest is an exciting cybersecurity competition that combines both offensive and defensive skillsets into one exciting king-of-the-hill contest. Teams are tasked with defending their own infrastructure while attacking other team’s infrastructure to gain points. Defensive points are gained by keeping your services up and keeping other teams off your systems, and offensive points are gained by planting your flag on opponent’s systems.

For more information on Cyber Conquest, please visit cyberconquest.org or contact dakotacon@cyberconquest.org

Cyber Conquest at DakotaCon is open to everyone! Industry professionals, students, individuals, anyone is welcome to compete. There is no fee to sign up. Sign up today!


Conference Will Be Held At

Dakota State University

Dakota Prairie Playhouse

Getting Here

Air Travel

The nearest airport is Sioux Falls, SD (FSD). Then a 45 mile drive to Madison.

By Car

From points East or West, take SD-34. North or south, take US-81. If in doubt, GPS!


1205 N. Washington
Madison, SD 57042

Hotels Nearby

Best Western Plus Lakeview

456 SE 12th Street, Madison, SD 57042
Phone: (605) 427-2110


504 10th St. SE, Madison, SD 57042
Phone: (605) 256-3076

Super 8

219 North Highland, Madison, SD 57042
Phone: (605) 256-6931


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