• DakotaCon 10.1

    Madison, South Dakota

  • South Dakota's Premier Security Event

    Coming to a Cornfield On March 24th-26th


Three Days of Security!

Madison, South Dakota

March 24th-26th

Join us for three full days of talks and trainings from the finest peeps in the security world! Come enjoy the benefits of a small conference where you won't get lost in the crowd and you get time to interact directly with the speakers and your security peers. Attending the talks on Friday is FREE, so you have no excuse!

Bring your friends and co-workers for an epic weekend of security fun at Dakota State University!

The Vision

Come listen to the visions and ideas of some of the best and brightest minds in the security community.


After the talks, network with your peers and the security pros.


Learn from the best with a two day hands-on training. These trainings are of a DefCon caliber, right here in Madison!


Track I

Track I will be held in the theater at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse on the campus of Dakota State University. No need to register, just come on out for the talks!

DakotaConquest will be introduced in the evening in the theater at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse, and begins on Day 2.

DakotaCon Team Kickoff

Keynote CSM Sheryl D. Lyon

How To Pwn an Enterprise in 2023 Johnny Xmas

Roll for Stealth: Intro to AV/EDR Evasion Mike Saunders

Pwning Crypto Companies through malicious NFTs Corben Leo

BBOT - Bighuge BLS OSINT Tool The Techromancer

Environmental Policy to NASA CIO Renee Wynn

Hacking The Farm: Jailbreaking Tractors & Cyber Security in Ag SickCodes

Anomaly Detection in Mobile Core Networks Michael Iedema

Through the Eyes of a Thief Deviant Ollam

Track II

Track II will be held in the conference center at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse on the campus of Dakota State University. No need to register, just come on out for the talks!

DakotaConquest will be introduced in the evening in the theater at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse, and begins on Day 2.

DakotaCon Team Kickoff - {In Theater}

Keynote CSM Sheryl D. Lyon

Do You Really Need a Security Team? Alex Hamerstone

Working Smarter, Not Harder to Thwart Modern Attackers Carrie Randolph

Hacking Trust Establishment Carrie Randolph

NightCAP - One tool to use them all Aaron Baker

What's Law Got to Do With It? A Summary on Laws and Regulations Impacting Cybersecurity Charlene Goldfield

How To Build A Security Program From Someone Who Found Out The Hard Way Parker Seaman

DakotaConquest Setup


Learn From These Great Folks


Come learn from the best folks in the industry!

Trainings will be held on the campus of Dakota State University, beginning in the morning of March 25th, and continue on March 26th.

  • Tactical Windows Forensics

    TrustedSec, LLC

    Register Today!

    This class will take students through multiple labs designed to teach them key Windows forensics skills. Unlike other courses, students will start with the labs and learn by doing. Participants will work through several exercises where they analyze various aspects of Microsoft Windows using computer forensics on one or more compromised systems. Each lab will start with a brief introduction followed by the lab itself. After an allotted time has passed, the techniques used to analyze the system and answer the questions will be discussed.

    Sample skills utilized in the labs include analyzing logs, the file system, the registry, and memory. In addition to the class labs, students will be given additional labs to perform independently and at their own pace. This course is designed for those with different Windows forensics skill levels - from beginners to experts, so there will be challenges for everyone. However, the labs chosen will be tailored to the overall skill level of the class.


    Day 1

    IR Concepts Introduction
    Process and Lifecycle
    Best Practices

    File System
    Master File Table (MFT)
    NTFS Timestamps
    Metafiles, Data Streams, and Attributes

    Event Logs
    Logging Best Practices
    Useful Event IDs

    Day 2

    Hives, Keys, Sub-Keys, and Values
    System and User Hives
    Registry Backups

    Memory Forensics
    Acquisition and Analysis (Volatility)

  • Attack Surface Management (ASM) with BBOT

    Black Lantern Security

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    Internet-facing assets are a significant source of risk for organizations of any size. These assets, including on-premise servers, cloud storage, third-party applications, B2B integrations, APIs, and subsidiary-owned assets, collectively make up an organization's attack surface. Effective Attack Surface Management (ASM) and risk reduction requires continuous information gathering, data validation, and analysis. The primary goal for the 2-day training session is to teach students how to implement and execute ASM for their customers and organizations using the Bighuge BLS OSINT Tool (BBOT); a recursive, modular, free, and open source OSINT framework. The training session is designed around HANDS-ON exercises that emphasize practical experience


    Understanding ASM

    Applying ASM principles to reduce organizational risk

    Learning how to use BBOT and its' 70+ modules to:
    Map the external attack surface: domains, subdomains, applications, services, ASNs, IPS, open ports, emails, technologies

    Identify and verify vulnerable assets

    Prioritize remediation activities

    Create and maintain an external asset inventory.

    Create NEW BBOT modules on the fly for specific data gathering requirements

    Understanding graph databases

    Learning how to craft Cypher queries to view, analyze, manage, and update ASM data in NEO4j

  • Intro to ICS and Common Attacks


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    GRIMM Cyber is a cybersecurity research, testing, training and consulting firm with cybersecurity experts dedicated to increasing the cyber resilience of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) through the introduction of an adversarial approach, thus allowing offensive tactics to inform defensive cybersecurity strategy. This 8-hour workshop will provide hands-on, practical training deploying cyber attacks against common types of real-world ICS equipment including HMI, PLC and automated circuit breakers.


    Common ICS terminology and system architecture, including inherent flaws and typical mistakes made in system design which should be considered when planning an attack

    Modbus and Modbus/TCP architecture and functionality

    Python modules for interacting with Modbus-based systems, and writing scripts to interrogate and attack these systems

    Defensive methodologies and considerations in the face of how simple these attacks can be to carry out


What is DakotaConquest?

DakotaConquest is our spin on Cyber Conquest, an exciting cybersecurity competition that combines both offensive and defensive skillsets into one exciting king-of-the-hill contest. Teams are tasked with defending their own infrastructure while attacking other team’s infrastructure to gain points. Defensive points are gained by keeping your services up and keeping other teams off your systems, and offensive points are gained by planting your flag on opponent’s systems.

Red and Blue

Successful teams will consist of both attackers and defenders. Teams must communicate and work together to as effective as possible. While good offense informs defense, good defense also informs offense.

Competition Premise

This year, teams will be 'cities' defending their population as well as the infrastructure serving them, while also going out and attacking others. Be sure to stop 'accidents' from happening in your team-named town, and wreak havoc on others to take the victory! More details will follow as we get closer to the event.


Conference Will Be Held At

Dakota State University

Dakota Prairie Playhouse

Getting Here

Air Travel

The nearest airport is Sioux Falls, SD (FSD). Then a 45 mile drive to Madison.

By Car

From points East or West, take SD-34. North or south, take US-81. If in doubt, GPS!


1205 N. Washington
Madison, SD 57042

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